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Joe DeVito Master Hypnotist:
Number 1 Choice for College and University Comic Stage Hypnotist Shows in New England States!

Including: Orientation Day, Special Event Days, Career Day, Spirit Week, Sorority Fundraising, Fraternity Fundraising, Registration Day, Spring Break...

Give Your College or University The Gift Of Laughter...Leave Them Rolling With Laughter In The Aisles With Master Hypnotist Joe DeVito

Comic Stage Hypnotist Shows are just Clean, Safe Fun Entertainment

Joe performs Comedy Hypnosis shows geared toward
College or University Students throughout the New England States and Nationwide.

These shows are very popular and dates fill quickly,
so please book early. Feel free to call toll free or email me

A comedy hypnotist show with Master Hypnotist Joe DeVito is a FULL ON AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION SHOW!


Joe is an established national touring comedy stage hypnotist for colleges (NACA, APCA and NODA Approved), high schools, summer camps, after proms, fundraisers, company holiday parties, comedy clubs, cruise ships, firestations, police forces, Harley-Davidson biker events and more!

Rated G for Good Clean Humor Show Info | The show your mother didn't want you to miss!
OR Rated R for a Ridiculously Racy Fun Show for Adults.

You decide what type of show - fully customizable to your needs and mission! No matter which show you pick the comedy will appeal to students and activities directors alike, suitable for Orientations, Fraternity and Sorority fundraisers and most Campus driven activities. A college comedy hypnosis show is a great way to start the semester or end the school year.

As a Master Stage Hypnotist, Joe will hypnotize and entertain with his live stage hypnosis show. Quick-witted and professional, Joe DeVito is YOUR comedy stage hypnotist choice!

And If You Are Still Not Convinced...Hypnotism Shows Do Have High Entertainment Value at Colleges and Universities?!

Let me say both audience and volunteers will value their experience as an event to remember, if they do at all! Comedy, drama, sound effects, music and dance - they're all there, in an highly charged and hypnotizing atmosphere. True stage hypnotism by Joe DeVito features entertaining sketches and more, plus the humor and dramatic presentation of Stage Hypnotist Joe DeVito, himself!

New England's Number 1 Choice For An Audience Participation Comedy Stage Hypnotist at Colleges, Universities, Sororities and Fraternities - Based In Boston, Massachusetts!

The TIME of your life is as close as your next call or click!

Master Stage Hypnotist Joe DeVito is an accomplished professional stage hypnotist and is available for: Comedy Clubs, Colleges, High Schools, After Proms, Corporate Events, Resorts, Cruise Ships, Post Prom Parties, Fund Raisers, and MORE.

Joe DeVito has been reviewed time, and time again, as one of the best hypnotic stage entertainers in the US entertainment industry. He has hypnotized and mesmerized audiences and patrons from all corners of the globe and takes great pride in providing the highest quality live full on audience participation comedy hypnotic entertainment in the country.

Across the USA Joe represents top notch high quality hypnotic entertainment. Joe DeVito's comedy stage show has options ranging from Family Friendly G-Rated Comedy Stage Hypnosis to full on Motivational CorporateEntertainment and beyond,

You will soon agree Joe's comedy stage hypnotist performances are not to be missed. You'll be astounded as ordinary people join him on stage to perform extraordinary feats of the unimaginable from fire eating and dancing the ballet to a jungle encounter with a live 8' snake! Plus we can customize any skit to your needs!

See Why Critics, And Fans Alike Say, "Don't Just SEE The Hypnotist Show...BE The Show!" The greatest audience participation show available today featuring Joe DeVito - Master Stage Hypnotist!

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