Did you know celebrities enjoy hypnotist shows?

Here are a few of the the celebrities Joe DeVito has entertained over the years!

2020 Comic Hypnotist Schedule

Celebrity      George Kresge (The Amazing Kreskin)

Celebrity      Kelly Ripa (Regis and Kelly Live)

Celebrity      Gallagher (HBO)

Celebrity      Jackie The Jokeman Martling (Howard Stearn Show)

Celebrity      Tracey Morgan (SNL)

Celebrity      Victoria Jackson (SNL)

Celebrity      Pat Cooper)

Celebrity      Frank Santorelli (HBO - The Sopranos, Last Comic Standing)

Celebrity      Nipsey Russell

Celebrity      Michael Winslow (Police Academy)

Celebrity      Joe Piscopo (SNL)

Celebrity      Andrew Dice Clay (HBO)

Celebrity      John Pinette

Celebrity      Kathy Griffen (Comedian and Bravo: My Life On The D List)

Celebrity      Pablo Francisco (Comedy Central, Last Comic Standing)

Celebrity      John Dr. Dirty Valby

Celebrity      Dustin Diamond (Saved By The Bell)

Celebrity      Mark Consuelos (General Hospital)

Celebrity      Josh Duhamel (General Hospital)

Celebrity      Vincent Irizarry (General Hospital)

Celebrity      Walt Wiley (All My Children)

Celebrity      George “The Animal” Steel (WWE Wrestler)

Celebrity      Larry Glick (WBZ Radio)

Celebrity      Antoine Walker (Boston Celtics)

Celebrity      Tommy Chong (Cheech and Chong)

Celebrity      Rocco DeSpirito (The Restaurant Show)

Celebrity      Professor Irwin Corey

Celebrity      Lewis Black (Comedy Central, Daily Show, HBO)

Celebrity      Rhonda Shear (Up All Night, Penthouse)

Celebrity      Thea Vidale (BET)

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