Voted #1 Comic Hypnotist In Boston!

Joe DeVito IS THE Original Audience Participation Comedy Stage Hypnotist and is an established touring comic hypnotist for fundraisers, high schools, colleges (NACA - APCA - NODA Approved), summer camps, comedy clubs, cruise ships, firestations, polic and more!

Joe DeVito's Comedy Hypnotist Show is a big hit with Fraternal Organizations and Large Memberships too! Including: Elks Lodge | Loyal Order of Moose | Lions Clubs International | Knights of Columbus | Freemasons | Key Club | Rotary International | Jaycees - USA | Junior Chamber Of Commerce | Kiwanis International | Shriners

Comic Hypnotist

Comic Hypnotist for All Venues

High Schools | Colleges | And More

A Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show is a fun, fast-paced and tastefully delivered hypnotic event designed to generate and build upon total audience participation. Every hypnotic show is unique. Volunteers perform dance moves or see them see, smell or react to unbelievable things like never before.

Stage Hypnosis Fun

Full Audience Participation

Amazing Hypnotic Fun

The stage hypnosis performance begins with a brief, interactive intro to hypnosis which gets the entire audience excited about and to fast become part of the amazing Joe DeVito Stage Hypnosis show. THE JOE DEVITO COMEDY STAGE HYPNOTIST SHOW IS THE MOST AMAZING REAL DEAL!

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Audience Members Volunteer

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Volunteers are invited to take a lucky seat on stage with Master Hypnotist Joe DeVito - only 12-20 are lucky enough to perform! The hypnotic state creates a sense of heightened awareness bringing out the best in the completely volunteer performers. Enjoy exciting, professional comedic timing at every turn.

About Joe DeVito Master Hypnotist

Joe DeVito is The Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of Comedy Stage Hypnosis!

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Joe DeVito, professional stage hypnotist has been performing his stage hypnosis show for more than 20 years. His comedy hypnosis show has been seen nationwide and internationally. Comic hypnosis shows are dependent upon audience participation for an active experience and audiences who are pre-conditioned for willing participation will allow the comedy hypnotist to have a more encompassing performance.

Joe DeVito's stage hypnotist show has been successfully performed at clubs, fundraisers, high schools, colleges, after proms, fire stations, corporate events and many other special events.

Joe DeVito's status as a celebrity hypnotist will bring an immediate boost to your cause or event. Joe DeVito Master Hypnotist is guaranteed to make your next event special!

Plus personal hypnotherapy sessions are available at your show with Joe DeVito - Master Hypnotist.

Bonafide National
Touring Stage Hypnotist

Joe DeVito is the Number 1 Choice when it comes to a Comedy Stage Hypnotist throughout the New England States and beyond.

The Right Entertainment for
Special Events or Fundraisers

Full Audience Participation — Non-Stop Laughter
Action Packed High Energy — Quality Entertainment Beginning to End — The Ultimate REALITY Show - You'll Never Forget

Right mix of Entertainment
and Audience Participation

Comic Hypnotist Joe DeVito offers quality, value and showmanship in event entertainment - enjoying a highly charged atmpshpere of laughter 'n' fun!

Fundraising Opportunities

Try Joe DeVito's Successful, New And Unique Way to
Promote, Support and Raise Critical Needed Money with a Comic Hypnotist...

Low to No Cost Fundraiser

Fundraising, fund raising, fund-raising, fundraiser, fund raiser or fund-raiser? No matter how you spell it, fundraisers cost a great deal upfront! Not with a comic hypnotist show - they have low upfront costs!


Low Time Investment

Fundraising can take a great deal of time management, preparation and volunteers! Not with a comic hypnotist show - fewer volunteers and overall time management!


High Impact Fundraiser

Fundraisers are for raising critical funds! A comic hypnotist show is proven to yield more profits per every invested hour by volunteers than any other fundraising method today!

Everyone Loves to Laugh and Be Entertained!

Yes! You can customize the comic hypnotist show to your groups vision or needs at no extra cost with themes, special show features, several show dates, show times and more!

We made event planning and fundraising EASY.

Master Comic Hypnotist Joe DeVito Is Your Complete Event and Fundraising Resource! Act Now! Give Your Audience the Gift of Laughter...Leave Them Rolling In the Aisles with a National Touring Stage Hypnotist!

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